List and find relays. These are based on the current notion of the consensus that the Tor we’ve connected to has. This comes from “microdescriptors” that Tor downloads from Directory Authorities periodically.

Relays are usually referred to by their “hex ID”, a 40-character representation of the actual (binary) relay ID which itself is a hash of the relay’s public identity key.

Use carml relay --info to search for a relay by key-ID or its name (or a subset thereof) and print some information about the relay (or relays) found.

Sometimes relays can come and go; if you want to wait for a relay with a particular hex-ID to be in the consensus, use carml relay --await hex_id. This will either work immediately (if the relay is already in the consensus) or wait for NEWCONSENSUS events to see if the relay has appeared yet.


$ carml relay --list | wc -l
$ carml relay --info [hex id]
     name: [redacted]
   hex id: $[redacted]
 location: XX
  address: [redacted]:9011 (DirPort=9030)
 last published 28 days ago