This command starts an Onion Service on the connected Tor whose livetime is tied to this process (when carml onion exits, the Onion Service will be removed from Tor).

You may forward more than one port which might be useful for e.g. an HTTP and Git server on the same Onion address. The “local” portion may include an IP address and port or a unix-domain socket.


Forward both “80” and “9418” on a version 3 service. This will forward an incoming request on port 80 to (and 9418 to and is the simplest way to set up a service:

carml onion --port 80 --port 9418

If you are running the other services in containers or similar, perhaps they are on different (but still local) IP addresses. Note that we’re also forward “80” to “8888” here, which is fine:

carml onion --port 80: --port 9418:

You may also run services via unix sockets. If your other services are on the same machine, this is the safest and fastest way to forward:

carml onion --port 80:unix:/var/run/nginx_sock --port 9418:unix:/var/run/git_sock