Simplistic interaction with Tor’s “Events”. This simply subscribes to the event(s) you list, and prints out the text Tor sends back.

If you only want to listen for a certain number of events, use --count (-n) with an argument or the special-case --once for a single event. This might be useful, for example, to determine when your Tor downloads a new consensus (like the first example, but use NEWCONSENSUS instead).

Note that the count of events is global; if you listen for 2 different events with --once, the command will exit after the first event (i.e. not one of each).


$ carml -q events --once ADDRMAP "2014-06-04 23:47:37" EXPIRES="2014-06-05 05:47:37" CACHED="YES"
$ carml events --count 5 INFO
Connected to a Tor version " (git-c5a648cc6f218339)" (status: recommended).
exit circ (length 3): carmlfake0(open) carmlfake1(open) $AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA(open)
pathbias_count_use_attempt(): Used circuit 982 is already in path state use succeeded. Circuit is a General-purpose client currently open.
link_apconn_to_circ(): Looks like completed circuit to [scrubbed] does allow optimistic data for connection to [scrubbed]
connection_ap_handshake_send_resolve(): Address sent for resolve, ap socket 14, n_circ_id 2147503826
connection_edge_process_inbuf(): data from edge while in 'waiting for resolve response' state. Leaving it on buffer.