Play with your circuits. You can do a few main actions:

  • --list (-L) list the current circuits (similar to carml monitor).
  • --build (-b) build a new circuit, either specifying relays by hand or “auto” to let Tor select. You may also use a * as a stand-in for any positional circuit; only Guards will be selected for the first one.
  • --delete to delete a circuit (pass --if-unused or -u to only delete it after it’s no longer used).

The ~ characters in the names means that router doesn’t have the “Named” flag.


Building circuit: ~whatever->~somerandomrouter->~router_with_all_As
Circuit ID 83: ~whatever->~somerandomrouter->~router_with_all_As: built.
$ carml circ --build auto
Connected to a Tor version " (git-c5a648cc6f218339)" (status: recommended).
Building new circuit, letting Tor select the path.
Circuit ID 982: carmlfake0->ryro->nationalliberal: built.
$ carml circ --build nationalliberal,ryro,nationalliberal
Connected to a Tor version " (git-c5a648cc6f218339)" (status: recommended).
Circuit ID 983: nationalliberal->ryro: failed (DESTROYED, TORPROTOCOL).
$ carml circl --list
Connected to a Tor version " (git-c5a648cc6f218339)" (status: recommended).
   977: BUILT 10 minutes ago ~carmlfake0->kasperskytor01->~Unnamed
   978: BUILT 10 minutes ago ~carmlfake0->~Unnamed->persladange2
   982: BUILT a minute ago ~carmlfake0->ryro->~nationalliberal